Base Station (BTS)/ Cell Site Built, Site Build Colocation

RIGGER VICNK LIMITED is a well-known certified Base station (BTS) and Cell Site builder in Nigeria. Our sites are the best in the industry because we ensure technical specifications and standards are adhered to during installation.

Supply, Fabrication and Erection of Masts, Towers, Flare Stacks as well as other Steel structures.

We fabricate and Erect various types and sizes of deep galvanized steel sections used for the building of Telecommunication Masts and towers which includes: Monopoles, Guyed Towers and Self-Supporting Towers ranging from 30 meters to 300 meters and above.

Installation of Telecommunication Antennae, Microwave Dish and Radio links, on Masts and Towers at heights ranging from 30metres to over 300metres.

We have skilled, trained and competent Riggers with years of experience in safety practices that can climb to any height and get the job done.

Tower Audit / Structural Appraisal

Tower Foundation and Structural Certification, Decommissioning and Re-erection of Masts and Towers, Re-construction of bent Towers.

Turnkey Projects

Base Stations (BTS), Cell Sites, Masts and Towers.

Laying of Optical Fibre (nation wide) / Fibre to the home.

Housing and Urban Development / Facility Renovation and Refurbishment.

Maintenance of Masts and Towers

Tower Base Foundation, Guy Wires, Bolting Parts, Verticality, Tower Loading, Radio Links/ Antennas and Accessories, Lightning and Earthing System, Aviation Safety Lights, as well as other safety components.

Power Solutions

Fabrication and Erection of High Tension Steel Structures, Transformer Installation, Generator Installation and Complete Electrical Installation. Inverter/UPS solution to checkmate the power outage problem prevalent in Nigeria. The solution is available from 1kva – 400kva in single and three phases. Each solution is designed to meet the customers specification and requirement.

Oil and Gas

Painting of Telecommunication Masts and Towers according to ICAO stipulations.

Core Competencies

  • Turnkey Cell Site Build
  • Civil Construction
  • Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures
  • Concrete Coring
  • Tower Audits and Analysis, Site Quality Audits Maintenance
  • Power Installations
  • Electrical Installations including Lightning Protection
  • RF Installations
  • Training in Tower Rigging and Safety Practices
  • Trenching, Ducting, Construction of Manholes and Termination of Optic Fibre.
  • Painting of Telecommunication Mast and Towers according to ICAO stipulations.