Echterhoff-ConstructionEchterhoff Construction offers services in Sewer and Pipeline construction and Underground engineering, Bridge construction, Industrial and turnkey construction, Special underground engineering (pipe jacking, sheeting works and sheet piling), Housing and Residential construction and refurbishment and energetic rehabilitation, as well as in steel construction and the repair of construction machines.

Within Project development, building estates or single plots are secured for residential or administration and industrial constructions, which are planned by architects and engineers, built upon, marketed and in some cases, also administered, by ourselves or by joint venture partners.

Echterhoff mainly work for public authorities, but we also carry out our construction services for industrial and private customers.

In cooperation with other building- and steel – construction contractors and in collaboration with architects and engineers, we can always adjust our field of activities to market requirements.

We always endeavour to collaborate fairly and in partnership with clients and customers, as well as with groups of construction firms, follow up companies and suppliers. We place particular emphasis on the high quality of our construction work and the completion of works on schedule

Echterhoff Construction will carry on the tradition of the company and places particular emphasis on future-oriented and environmentally-friendly construction.


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